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Familiar Territory


Emma Craine, depressed after a miscarriage some months previously, is drawn to a charismatic fortune teller at a New Age Fair in Manchester. His counsel is reassuring and afterwards Emma curiously finds her own psychic abilities beginning to blossom.

Then she discovers she is the target of a terrifying stalker.

The horrific death of a colleague leaves Detective Inspector Alf Stone rather out of his depth until he gets an unexpected visit from a paranormal researcher monk who suggests that the ‘stalker’could be the fortune teller’s demonic familiar who appears to have struck several times before.

But Stone, and his new sergeant Alexandra Johnson, are sceptical and prefer to try to solve the case using good old-fashioned police methods.

Emma meanwhile receives subtle help from the witches of Pendle who recognise her as one of their own, but even they have to call on the services of an enigmatic lone witch who has to delve deep into the past.