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The Demdike Legacy


When Jennifer Southern is found murdered in her cottage on the outskirts of a Lancashire village, it reopens the book on a legacy of witchcraft that was thought to have ended four hundred years ago when the Lancashire Witches were hanged at Lancaster Castle in August of 1612. But their descendents have lived on, following the old religion and keeping themselves to themselves until now it seems someone it determined to wipe them out.

Jennifer’s murder is just the first, and the fact that she is found with a noose round her neck, suggests that her killer considers her death an execution.

While the police, led by Detective Chief Inspector Alfred Stone, puzzle their way through the case, Jennifer’s husband Nicholas (a direct descendent of the original Demdike) decides to deal with things his own way but finds himself pitted against an implacable enemy.

The police have little to go on and, as the body count rises, reluctantly realise they must join forces with the modern-day witches if the killer is to be brought to book.

But will they find him before he carries out his scheme?

ABOVE: Charlotte Jones’s new cover for the second edition of ‘The Demdike Legacy’. published October 2013.

The Demdike Legacy is available as a quality A5 paperback at £11.99 from or Amazon and various booksellers. It is also available for Kindle, iPad and as an ePub at around £1.99.

The Demdike Legacy