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IIt’s the end of June, exams are over and three eighteen-year-old girls persuade one of their parents to allow them to use their static caravan in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley for a few days. What the parents don’t know is that the girls have also invited three boys from college to join them.

One evening, when they are all about to go out, they find their plans thwarted by a summer storm that appears out of nowhere. One of the girls finds a talking Ouija Board app on the internet, downloads it to her laptop and they apparently make contact with some curious entities.

The following morning the three boys have mysteriously disappeared and Detective Sergeant Pauline Pilkington finds herself landed with the job of finding out what has happened to them.

When usual police methods fail to produce any meaningful results, Detective Chief Inspector Stone enlists the help of the Unusual Investigations team of former Detective Constable Jerry Ratcliffe and his partner, the corporeal spirit of murdered witch Kat Hewitt.