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Sweet Molly Alone


Alex Johnson walked into the kitchen wrapped in a pale blue bathrobe while she rubbed her hair dry with a towel. “I heard the phone. Who is it?” she asked.

“Doctor Little,” said Nicholas. “Sounds urgent.”

She took the receiver. “What’s up doc?”

There was a barely perceptible groan on the other end of the line before Little said: “I think you’d better get over to the path lab as soon as you can. I’ve got another one.”

“Another what, exactly?”

“Another Ryan.”

You mean you’ve got another dead body with no discernible cause of death?”

“That, and the fact that this deceased is also called ‘Ryan’.”

“You’re kidding me!”

“You should know by now, Detective Inspector Johnson, that I rarely ‘kid’ where the dead are concerned.”

“Sorry George. When you say ‘another Ryan’ what exactly are you telling me?”

“Apart from the fact that this one has not been dead quite so long, everything  else is the same…”


“Yes,” said Doctor Little. “Including the pair of white panties stuffed in his mouth.”

Detective Chief Inspector Stone is on paternity leave after the birth of his son so it is up to D.I. Alex Johnson to find out who, or what, is killing young men called Ryan and leaving a unique calling card behind.

Sweet Molly Alone is available as an epub for around £2.50.

Quality paperback out now for £11.99 from, Amazon and me.

ABI GRIFFIN’S scary cover for Sweet Molly Alone