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Children’s Books

Following a request from my eldest grandson, Lex, I have ventured into the realm of stories for children.

My first offering, ‘Figaro the Cat Detective and the Great Dog Pooh Mystery’ chronicles the fictional adventures of a long-haired tabby/tortoiseshell who ‘adopted’ my grandson’s family when they moved to a new house.

He has a partner in Harrison the toad and the two of them set out to discover who has been hanging little bags of dog pooh on bushes in the village - and make sure it stops!

It has had quite a bit of success as a free download with more than 150 copies going to the US and over 50 to Japan as well as dozens in the UK and several other countries around the world.

I am also delighted to announce that the talented Abi Griffin is now illustrating the books for me and a new edition, together with  ‘Figaro the Cat Detective and the Great Pumpkin Disaster’ are already available at £3.49 in paperback and about £1 to download for most platforms.

The third in the series: ‘Figaro the Cat Detective and the Great Reindeer Crisis’ came out just before Christmas 2014 and I have ideas for one or two more.