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Hi, I’m Barry Durham; welcome to my website.

I was a writer and journalist for more than 40 years, a university lecturer for seven, and have had an interest in The Occult for over 50.

As I am ‘retired’ now, I write full time.

The stories of The Pendle Witches have fascinated me since I was a teenager - which is why I felt I had to bring their ‘descendents’ into my writing.

I also love Lancashire and my birth town of Manchester where I grew up, so again, they feature in my stories - plus the area in which I live now, the lovely village of Chipping and its wonderful surrounding countryside.

My books are probably best described as supernatural crime mystery/thrillers.

My first novel, ‘The  Demdike Legacy’, was published in February 2012,

and a prequel, ‘Familiar Territory’, in October 2013.

My third, ‘Fell Creatures’ came

out in June 2014.

‘Sweet Molly Alone’ followed in October 2014 and my fifth Detective Inspector Stone story - ‘The Ill-starred Exile Of John Smith’ is now out.